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Long Dance 2016
Entering into our 26th year, we are clear that the land we have enjoyed for so long may not be available to us. At this time all of us at Circles of Empowerment are praying and seeking a new location for Long Dance, 2016.

In order to continue with Long Dance this autumn, we are inviting all our Sisters and Brothers to let us know if you are aware of a lead for land in San Luis Obispo County.

Some primary considerations are:

* Privacy for gathering ~150 people
* Some buffer so that our drumming does not disturb the neighbors
* The time to set up our village, hold ceremony, and then take down our village
* Access to water
* And, a clear sense that we can safely tend to our ceremonial fires

Our tentative dates are:
September 17th-25th with the ceremony being held on the night of September 24th.

Please let us know what you see as possibilities present themselves!

The Goddess of Long Dance is alive in us and is seeking a new ceremonial home. Aho!

Please call us: (805) 481-0892

Our Long Dance Anthology

Sisters of the Dance: 25 Years of Long Dance - Stories From Our Community is available and in print! We invite you to join us in this triumph of good will and generosity! Founders in this community, Youth, Brothers and Sisters alike have all shared their stories, shared the teachings and offered up this glimpse into an otherwise very private and unique ceremonial experience.


In this place of gratitude and possibility, may all our dreams come true!

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